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Open Access blazes a trail in New Zealand

New Zealand

August 12, 2013

On Wednesday I shared with you the very important news about the introduction of a comprehensive Open Access policy at UC. Implementation of mandatory OA policies in the US can be considered as some kind of positive trend. But this trend does not only concern US universities as it also occurs in other regions of the world, like New Zealand, for example.

Lincoln University has recently become the first university in New Zealand to have introduced an Open Access policy. LU allows and encourages its staff and postgraduate students to make their research outputs openly and freely accessible on the web. What is more, the university encourages authors to use a Creative Commons or other public copyright licences. The Open Access content will be available through the Lincoln University Research Archive website and Lincoln University Community Archive website.

Lincoln University Librarian, Professor Penny Carnaby commented this event:

“This is a huge step forward for Lincoln University and all the more so when considering we are the first university in New Zealand to implement such a policy. While there will be circumstances when it would be inappropriate to make research or other content openly accessible to the public, Lincoln University wishes to actively encourage all content produced by staff and postgraduate students to be openly shared on the web.”

Ipso facto, Lincoln University has joined the group of institutions and universities from around the world, which have implemented Open Access policies and are thus trying to change the pattern of the flow of information and communication in science.

A list of some of the other universities that have recently adopted OA policy:



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