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Scholar Droid – a useful app for searching Google Scholar on smartphone

scholar droid

April 9, 2013

Modern mobile technologies may be very useful for academics and researchers as they can enhance their work by improving the efficiency and speed of some processes. Increasingly, the functionality of mobile phones is not limited to simple make-and-receive a call, as smartphones (and tablets) can be used by researchers to work more efficiently.

There are many apps for smartphones which are targeted to academics and researchers. One of them is Scholar Droid, which is designed to browse a Google Scholar. Google Scholar is a comprehensive database of scholarly citation information and indispensable resource for academics. Scholar Droid helps searching this database on these mobile devices which operate under Android system.

The use of Scholar Droid is very simple and quite efficient. The user can write any keywords in the search field and determine the content format: be it article or book. The app displays the results from Google Scholar in one column feed. The articles or books can be downloaded or displayed through the app. The user also can purchase them through Amazon (provided this is an option), or can be redirected to the original website. Scholar Droid allows import and export of bookmarks and stores downloaded content. The application offers also an advanced search tool, which allows determining filters like a year of publication, the name of the journal or the author, the scientific discipline, etc.

Scholar Droid is not perfect. The results of search include only content with summaries. As a result – patents and other legal documents are not included; occasionally the displaying of PDFs appears broken. Still – Scholar Droid is quite powerful and useful mobile tool that can recommended to all technology savvy and hungry researchers.

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