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6 alluring Open Access events in the last quartile of 2015

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Unfortunately, the summer has ended and academics are back at work. Some people prefer sunny outdoor activities to attending engaging workshops and conferences, but let’s be honest – we all have been waiting for this autumn. Now, we can enjoy Open Access Week again and the enormous number of other Open Access events.

Now we have to face the problem of excess and we have to decide which events are worth attending. This post is not aiming to select the best events. I would just like to share my opinion about what I find the most interesting.

1) Open Access Week

Open Access Week, themed “Open for Collaboration” has gone really global this year and one can find an OA event on every continent from October 19 to 25. So if you have a little time and money to travel, you can probably choose from several events relatively close to your place of residence. At the moment the situation looks worse for Central Asia and Central Africa, but I hope this is going to change within a few days. Visit this page to search for OA Week events, which are marked also on the map below. Also, do not forget to follow the #OAWeek Twitter hashtag.

2) Academic Book Week

And OA Week is not the end of the interesting meetings of the OA community this year. Academic Book Week, takes place from 9-16 November 2015. The role of the open access academic book in the future is crucial for shaping research communication, especially in the humanities and social sciences. However, books play a role in STEM as well. Meanwhile, open access book publishing is currently still a more experimental activity than a sustainable model. Therefore, there is a lot to discuss and much more work to be done!

My colleagues at De Gruyter Open are in touch with the organizers of the Academic Book Week, so I hope I will be able to inform you about the fruits of this labour soon. Please follow the #AcBookWeek hashtag on Twitter to keep up to date.

3) European Commission Workshop on Alternative Open Access Publishing Models

Fortunately, I will be attending the EC Workshop on Alternative Open Access Publishing Models. It will take place on 12th October, so less than one week to go! The discussion will challenge the fundamental problem of whether we are condemned to choose between open access publishing based on article processing charges and embargoed repositories deposits? The event will feature the representatives of all the stakeholders in the publishing market, so it might be really interesting. Today, the opposition between so called green open access and the APC based model has dominated discussions about open access publishing. These two models are the simplest and the most well known paths. But other ways of publishing OA content have also been tried out by different parties. Will we find something better than what we already know?

I will try to provide you with some live-time tweets using the #AlterOA hashtag from the @OpenScienceNews twitter account. I will also write the day-after proceedings here. Stay tuned. It seems to be an interesting and important discussion.

4) altmetrics15: 5 years in, what do we know?

I will miss Altmetrics15, taking place this Friday, and I really regret it. Not only because visiting Amsterdam is always a good idea. Altmetrics are not necessarily connected to open access, but they lay at the heart of the current revolution in scientific communication, since they try to capture a different dimension of research impact than the one reported by the well known, but controversial Impact Factor. I am looking forward to some reports from the discussion and I plan to retweet some live updates from the workshop.

5) OpenCon 2015

OpenCon will take place this year on November 14-16 in Brussels. This is probably one the most important events for the open access community globally, so it has to be mentioned in this post, but sadly registration was closed a long time ago. The good news is that you can still join one of the Open Con Satellite events, happening at the same time in different places around the world. There you will be able to watch a transmission from the main event and participate in some extras, and above all, meet a lot of open access advocates in one place. Your presence is obligatory!

6) Open access: the next wave

Open access: the next wave is the event by Copyright Clarence Center, taking place as a part of the Frankfurt Book Fair on October 15th. It seems to have a very similar focus to the EC Workshop taking place just 2 days before it. Will these discussions really move beyond APC-based open access? It’s hard to say, but both will feature representatives of very different institutions, so it will definitely be interesting.

Agata Morka, head of De Gruyter Open’s book publishing program will attend this event so I will ask her to drop a line here.

I hope this post will help you to make the right decisions on how to spend your time this month. For more open access-related events visit this page.

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