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6 Open Access apps for iOS and Android devices

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Today, in the era of smartphones and tablets, mobile devices can be a great convenience for scholars and researchers seeking information, thanks to hundreds of thousands of different types of applications that are available on both Android and iOS devices. Among these applications, you can find a lot that are aimed specifically at researchers and students. Below you will find a list of some very useful apps for your smartphone or tablet.


ArXiv mobile for Android is an app that grants access to the repository, presenting many useful features, thanks to which the data can be searched quickly and easily. The app displays a list of categories and content marked as favorite. It also has an extensive search engine with several filters, such as: author, ID, time, title and abstract. You can display articles in PDF format and easily store them in the phone memory.

arXiv mobile on Android

New Rocket Scientist is an app that helps you to check the citation impact of selected scientists. It’s very simple. All you need to do is enter the name of a scientist in the search bar. The app will display the time chart that presents the dates of publication, together with the level of citations. New Rocket Scientist also shows the tag cloud of keywords and the list of publications with links to Google Books (of course, only if the publication has a record in Google Books or Google Scholar). The results can be shared via social media or email.



Scholar Droid is an app designed to browse Google Scholar. Scholar Droid allows you to search this database on mobile devices that operate under Android system.  The user can write any keywords in the search field and determine the content format – be it a book or an article. The app displays the results from Google Scholar in one column feed. The books or articles can be downloaded or displayed via the app.

Scholar Droid

iPhone and iPad

BrowZine is a tool for searching, reading and saving OA journals. It also gives access to the OA resources of many university libraries. The user can then choose either one of the university libraries or go to the categories of OA journals. In the first case the app requires a login and password to the library, but if the user chooses free access to OA journals, the app does not request any kind of verification.


ArXiv is a mobile application for iPhones that grants access to the repository, presenting many useful features, thanks to which the data can be searched quickly and easily. The application displays the contents of the repository divided into categories. It also has an extensive search engine that allows you to search using keywords, or filters such as title, author, abstract, and id. The app allows display of articles in PDF format, however PDFs cannot be directly downloaded from the device.

arxiv app

Android and iOS

CORE Research Mobile is an app for iPhone, iPad and Android helping users find scientific articles that are free to read. The app has been developed by the Open University. The user can put keywords in the search bar or narrow the results by writing the title; author’s name or year the article was published. The CORE Research Mobile will show a list of results, and you can click on every record and read the article’s description. If the document you are looking for is available you can download it into the app’s memory and read it using other apps. CORE Research Mobile allows you to bookmark articles and shows the browsing history.


Do you use any of these applications? Or maybe you know of other, better ones? Please, post about them in the comments.


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