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CORE Research Mobile – the app for Open Access articles

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Mobile apps can be very useful, especially now, when most of scientific research is available via internet. Unfortunately, many of them are hidden behind paywalls and to gain access to them the reader has to pay. Fortunately, there is a range of apps that help readers find and read articles freely available in Open Access model. 

CORE Research Mobile is an app for iPhone, iPad and Android helping users find scientific articles which are free to read. The app has been developed by the Open University. How does it work? 


The interface and mechanism behind this app are quite easy. The user can put keywords in the search bar or narrow the results by writing the title; author’s name or a year the article was published in. The CORE Research Mobile will show the list of results. We can click on every record and read the article’s description. If the document you are looking for is available you can download it into the app’s memory and read it using other apps. CORE Research Mobile allows to bookmark articles and shows history of browsing. 

What is the source of articles in the CORE Research Mobile? The app leverages the Core portal, which aggregates articles of various Open Access repositories. On the project’s website we can read that the Core aggregates nearly 15 million articles.

So if you are looking for OA articles, this app can certainly help you.

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