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From time to time somebody will ask me which on-line platform for academic researchers is, in my opinion, worth investing time in. Where does it pay to set up a personal profile up and share some information? This question is increasingly hard to answer, since a number of possibilities are growing.

Recently I was writing a post about Kudos, which is another platform for researchers. I noticed that one of its big advantages is that it is integrated with ORCID. Only then, I suddenly realized that there is no post about ORCID on this blog. Yet, in my opinion, ORCID is in fact the only on-line profile that every researcher and author really has to have, even if he or she does not care too much about on-line presence. So, if you want, you can find some time to manage your accounts on Kudos, Figshare, Google Scholar etc. But you have to get your ORCID.

Even if you believe that your research does not need any form of promotion, you should set your ORCID profile up. It is not only about promoting research, it is about having an unique identifier, which allows the others to properly recognize works that you authored. ORCID is like a registration number for each researcher which helps anyone (including robots) to easily distinguish one author from another.

With quantitative performance measures such as h-index becoming increasingly important, ORCID ensures that your whole output will be easy to identify. You will not lose any “points” because somebody has misspelled your name or dropped the initial letter of your second name.

Here are some reasons why it is important to have ORCID profile:

– Your name may not be unique (even if you think it is original, usually there is at least one person who has the same name and surname as you).

– Your name may include some local characters that might be written differently in different writing systems (my surname, Kieńć, is a typical example. You can probably find one guy called Witold Kieńć on the net, and another one called Witold Kienc, but actually I am both of them).

– Your name may change.

– ORCID is in fact a url address which always link to your profile with your publications and bio, here is mine:

– ORCID is increasingly used by publishers (including De Gruyter Open) to attribute authors. In consequence, when you use ORCID and your publisher adds this number to published papers, a reader of your paper is just one click away from your complete personal profile.

– ORCID is seen as standard, so other on-line platforms from researchers aim to use them. Not only Kudos, but also Figshare and many more offer automated import of your data from ORCID profile to their services. So when you set your ORCID profile up, creating new accounts on upcoming fancy platforms will cost you just one click.

So, if you still do not have your ORCID, get it now. It will pay off.

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