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Green Open Access on your Android device: ArXiv mobile

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Recently, I wrote about an extremely useful iPhone app, which allows users to access the repository on their mobile. However, do not worry if you are an Android device user, as there is another app available for this mobile platform. What is more, in my view this app is much more useful than the one developed for the iPhone.

ArXiv mobile for Android grants access to the repository, presenting many useful features, thanks to which the data can be searched quickly and easily. The app displays a list of categories and content marked as favorite. It also has an extensive search engine with several filters, such as: author, ID, time, title and abstract.

arXiv mobile on Android

When you select a specific category and article, arXiv mobile will redirect you to special card that contains an abstract of the article and a list of authors. Moreover, if you click on one of the authors, you can see the list of his/her papers found in the collection.

arXiv mobile on Android

A great advantage of the ArXiv mobile app is its ability to display articles in PDF format. Furthermore, the article can be easily stored in the phone memory, sent by e-mail or printed. In the case of arXiv for iPhone there were no such options (only displaying of the article). The app for Android also offers a special widget for the phone screen. ArXiv mobile has a well-designed interface and a neat look.

ArXiv Mobile for Android is a good choice.  This is one of the apps that you will want to have on your Android phone.

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