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Green Open Access on your iPhone: ArXiv Mobile App

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arXiv app

With more than 875,000 e-papers – mainly in computer science, statistics, physics and mathematics – is a very well known repository where scientists and researchers can find articles and papers published in Green Open Access.

ArXiv has traditionally been accessed by academics from their desktops to search or deposit new research directly through the website But this is not the only way to use the repository now. Today, with almost every reader owning a tablet or a smartphone, users can take advantage of all types of applications, as well as seamless connection to the Internet. Moreover, these devices can provide a gateway to scientific resources, like arXiv – all you need is an app!

ArXiv is a mobile application for iPhones that grants access to the repository, presenting many useful features, thanks to which the data can be searched quickly and easily. The application displays the contents of the repository divided into categories. It also has an extensive search engine that allows you to search using keywords, or filters such as title, author, abstract, and id.

arxiv app

After locating a desired article, the app displays the next tab, which contains an abstract and links to the source. It also provides information about the authors. By clicking on any name arXiv will send you to a new card containing all articles written by or co-authored by the selected scientist. The arXiv app also allows you to view the article in PDF form within the application.

arxiv app

Although, the application is very useful, it lacks a number of key features. First of all, you cannot directly download PDFs on the device. To do that, you need to visit the source page. I would also welcome the possibility to add specific articles and authors to your favorites, as well as the ability to track the emergence of new papers. However, the arXiv app does a good job as a mobile search engine of scientific content, and without a doubt this is one of the apps that you will want to have on your iPhone.

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