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How to promote an Open Access book? Part 4: The Traditional Ways

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You chose an appropriate publisher, your book is accepted, and finally published. But this does not mean that your work is over. Your publisher can handle promotional work, but you should cooperate with the marketing department and do not hesitate to take care of some actions on your own. Do not neglect the traditional ways of promoting research. They are equally important in contemporarly world as presence in new media. Thus we have to mention them while answering the question ‘How to promote an Open Access book?’.

1) Attend conferences, seminaries etc. Give excellent speeches on your research and do not forget to mention your book.

2) Make sure that your book is available through your favorite libraries. If it is not, you can donate one or two printed copies. Some libraries also have their own digital repositories. Submit an electronic version of your book there.

3) Talk to your colleagues that teach students in your subject area. Make sure they know your work and ask them whether they can include it in their courses. Your book is Open Access, so this makes it easier for students to use it. It is a plus.

4) If you work at a research institution, inform the responsible person about your publication and make sure it is listed in the ‘recent publications’ section of your institutional website, as well as on the bulletin board.

5) Send your book to people working in your field. This step is natural and easy when you are in contact with them and keep them up-to-date with your work (see my first post on book promotion).

6) Add information about your book to your e-mail signature.

7) Do not refuse any propositions of actions that may promote your book to a wider audience.

Be optimistic. Your book is published in Open Access, thus it will gain a broad audience more easily than a traditional book. If it is good, the citations will come.

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