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How To Publish an Open Access Monograph

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Assumptions are dangerous, yet I will dare to make one here: if you are reading this post you are probably already convinced that publishing your research in open access is the way to go. This text, thus, is not going to be about the whys of Open Access; rather than preaching OA ideology to the (hopefully) already convinced choir, I will try to give authors some practical tips about things to think about and to do when publishing their books in the open access model.

I encourage you to read an interesting and helpful article written by Agata Morka about how to publish an Open Access Monograph. A few quotes:

While looking for your needle in the haystack of OA publishers, make your first step by going to the DOAB website ( The Directory of Open Access Books, a service of the OAPEN Foundation, lists OA books from publishers around the world.

The first thing to ask a potential publisher would therefore be: do you do peer-review? If the answer oscillates somewhere between no, sometimes, and if we have to, then I would strongly recommend to run as fast as you can, as this is one of “the ugly”.

There are more and more grants available, designed specifically to encourage open access publications, in fact in many countries, if the research you want to publish was sponsored by government money, it is required to be published in OA.

When you receive the good news that your book proposal has been accepted, this is when the real work starts. Be sure to get to know your editor, be in contact with him/her as much as you can and discuss the text together

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