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Is money the problem?

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Authors from the global periphery pay APCs as frequently as their colleagues from the wealthy countries, even tough organizing money is often more problematic for them. I am glad to present our next post with outputs from Key Challenges of Research Communication De Gruyter Open Author’s Survey.

After asking about the amount of recent APC paid for work of our respondents, we have asked them if it was difficult to organize this money. Out of 164 researchers who declared to have author-pays works in their portfolio, 160 provided us an answer to this question. For 38.7% of them it was “quite difficult” to obtain the necessary amount. Only 11.8% claimed that it was “very easy” and 34.3% said that it was a “quite easy” task. For 15% it was a “very difficult” issue.

Interestingly, perceived difficulty of this problem appears to be independent from the amount of money that was actually paid. However, researchers from less wealthy countries more often face hardships with it (see the graph). As I wrote in my previous post, authors from the global periphery pay APCs as frequently as their colleagues from the wealthy core countries, while they spend on average significantly smaller amounts. Now we also know that organizing money is more often problematic for them.

It is hard to say anything for sure when it comes to disciplinary differences, since authors who pay APC are extremely rare in Humanities and Social Sciences.

The factor that influences the perceived difficulty of obtaining money for APC are working conditions. These authors who are not paid for their research work and those on temporal contracts (counted together), often find it more difficult to organize money to pay APC. 47.3% of researchers working on stable conditions find it “quite difficult” or “very difficult” to obtain money for APC, while the amount of their precarious colleagues was 58.8%. Influence of this factor was greater than the impact of career level.

Productivity of researchers does not influence the discussed variable.

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