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Open Access app: Bookends On Tap

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Today, almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet. With an instant access to the Internet and applications we can fully exploit the potential of these devices, also by means of using them in the process of searching for scientific sources. Recently I published a list of 6 Open Access apps that can benefit scientists and their work. I reckon, a yet another app merits a post.

Bookends On Tap Lite is an application for iPhone and iPad, which serves as a search engine of scientific sources. The application uses the database of repositories and websites such as PubMed, PubMed Central, Google Scholar, JSTOR, Web of Science, arXiv, and the Library of Congress. Depending on the level of allowances offered by these entities, you can view either abstracts or, in some cases, full versions of papers. For example, in case of arXiv, you can simply download the entire PDF and enjoy the article on our iPad or iPhone.

You may share the selected references using the social media, or save them in the memory of application. You can also open the source site of the material. Bookends On Tap Lite is a free version, with some some limitations. The application retains only 20 references in the library and applied watermark in the text. These restrictions can be removed, once you purchase the full version of the program.

Bookends On Tap Lite is a handy search engine for references, drawing on many popular databases, which can all be found in one place. The application is definitely user-friendly and characterized by a well-designed, fresh interface. Doubtlessly it will spread out among and beyond scientific community.

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