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Open Access in Aotearoa –An excellent example of promoting Open Access

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Open Access New Zealand

Despite the rapid pace of development, Open Access still needs to be promoted amongst scientists and researchers, as well as those who wish to use free access for research results. This is especially true since OA is variously defined and has consequently evolved in many different directions in the last few years. Therefore we strongly welcome any well-designed initiative to promote OA.

Open Access in Aotearoa (New Zealand) is an interesting webpage prepared by Creative Commons to promote OA in a new and distinct way. Though the site provides information focused predominantly on open access within New Zealand, it does provides basic information about OA; its definitions and different formulations; the issue of licenses; with links to specific source pages and contains a very brief guide for authors whose contents are available on PDF.

Open Access New Zealand

Whilst Open Access in Aotearoa does not contain detailed information about OA, its basic information page is designed to give an overview. The website’s modern design is combined with social media. This form of presenting information is very successful, as its content is displayed very clearly. Aotearoa is a very good example of how Open Access should be promoted.


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