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A Partnership Highlights Impactstory’s Growing Clout for Open Access Content Discovery

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Jason Priem and Heather Piwowar present ImpactStory to Open Access advocate Mike Rossner, June 20, 2013 | © Courtesy of Open Science Federation.

As Clarivate Analytics announces its strategic partnership with Impactstory, it also indicates the growing market power of Open Access data and publications.

A Blog Article by Pablo Markin.

On June 23, 2017, Clarivate Analytics , a recently independent spin-off of Thompson Reuters, has launched a partnership with Impactstory, a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the visibility of high-quality, peer-reviewed Open Access content. In the framework of this partnership, Clarivate Analytics will provide grant funding to Impactstory, in order to secure access to its oaDOI service that increases the discoverability of Open Access content. While this deal promises to increase the efficiency and remove barriers between Open Access and pay-wall based content available via scientific publishers, it also indicates the growing inclusion of Open Access publications into the existing publishing ecosystem.

This milestone partnership has occurred on the background of Impactstory’s success in providing open source digital tools, such as API, that over 700 libraries around the world use. More specifically, through its oaDOI service, Impactstory presently indexes over 90 million Open Access articles, while facilitating access to their full-text versions. Based on Impactstory’s data, it handles over 2 million article queries on a daily basis. Likewise, Impactstory has recently launched Unpaywall, a free of charge, oaDOI-based browser extension that automatically provides information on full text version availability of articles protected by paywalls. The inclusion of these oaDOI services into the content discovery offerings of Clarivate Analytics represents a validation of Open Access article quality with wide-reaching implications for the scientific community, since the latter operates the Web of Science solutions for the dissemination of research results.

This innovative partnership also strengthens the ability of Impactstory to fulfill its core objective of increasing the relevance of Open Access articles as trusted academic sources, as over 18 million Open Access publications will be made available through Clarivate platforms, while reducing barriers to knowledge discovery. In this respect, these developments respond to a growing need of the scientific community to integrate Open Access options into the article access solutions that university libraries deploy.

By the same token, this inclusion of Open Access contents into the Web of Science as one of the more widely used subscription-based academic indexing and citation services reflects the growing impact that Open Access journals and publications have on their respective scientific fields and communities.

By Pablo Markin

Featured Image Credits: Jason Priem and Heather Piwowar present ImpactStory to Open Access advocate Mike Rossner, June 20, 2013 | © Courtesy of Open Science Federation.

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