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Report on Open Access Funding

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The issue of free access, both the free and the access components, have a number of currents flowing through, such as its impact on economic growth, its egalitarian-ethical claims, professional advantage to authors, and other broad notions, such as the industry newcomer versus the traditionalist. The two terms, moreover, are often conflated into one brand, which in itself impedes presenting a clear view of Open Access as a publishing proposition and its position in the market, which is that of a professional scientific publisher with characteristics broadly identical to those of the traditional type. In particular, the emphasis on the cost structure, which arguable dominates OA marketing output, is skewed in an unhelpful direction.

If you are looking for answers to questions such as “how many journals charge fees?”, “what are the fees?”, “What level of fees is acceptable?” I strongly encourage you to read an interesting and helpful report prepared by Emily Poznanski about Open Access Funding.

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