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UC San Diego Launches New Open Access Fund

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At the beginning of last week, the University of California, San Diego, launched a pilot Open Access fund aimed at their faculty, postdocs, residents, fellows and graduate students. Its purpose is to cover the costs of Open Access publishing for anyone who does not already have a grant available for this purpose.

The eligible charges include Article Processing Charges (APCs) and Open Access (OA) fees for fully open access journals. However, colour charges, page charges, illustration charges and submission charges do not qualify. Moreover, articles must be made freely available – publishing in “hybrid” open access journals is not allowed.

This new fund provides up to $1000 for any article published in a fully open access journal. This represents a standard amount for such funding. For instance, the University of Oregon also offers $1000 per article.

For more details about UC San Diego Open Access Fund Pilot, please visit this link.

New initiatives to fund Open Access publishing such as this one are always positive. There is no doubt that without the support of universities, private institutions or governments, Open Access would not be able to keep expanding. Fortunately, year after year, increasing amounts of funding for Open Access arise – for the benefit of the scientific community as well as for society at large.


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