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Updates to the Site: Resources and Highlighter

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Just a quick note: I’ve made two major changes to the blog. First up is the inclusion of a Resources page that you can just below the main logo on the left hand side of the page. If you hover over it, then you’ll also be able to click on another page: this is the first in a series of our How to guides to Open Access publishing. It’s written by Marzena Falkowska of Versita Publishing and the post is about How to Get Impact Factor (go and check it out, it’s a really good read).

The second major change is the inclusion of a new commenting system (Highlighter). It’s quite easy to use — all you need to do is swipe over any text in a post and three options will appear:

As you can see, you can either choose to save this, share it or comment (they are all fairly self-explanatory). Clicking on the comment button you’ll then be shown a comment screen:

All you need to do then is simply type your comment and hit respond. The comment will then appear as a highlighted portion of the text:

If someone else then clicks on the comment, you’ll get the following screen:

And that’s it. It’d be nice to see people using this feature as having all the comments at the bottom of the page can sometimes detract from the point you are trying to make. Obviously, if your comment is more general and quite lengthy, then it would probably be best placed in the normal comments section. Anyway, this is just a trial, to see whether or not it offers any value-add to the blog.

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